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Book Review: Alex Boyd, St Kilda, The Silent Islands

Stac an Armin and Boreray
Alex Boyd endures a complex relationship with Romanticism. His past projects have poked tongue in cheek fun at lone figures in sublime Scottish landscapes whilst, on the other hand, pursuing a series of arduous alternative process chemical adventures in suitably remote locations in Scotland and Ireland. In his newly published book St Kilda, The Silent Islands Boyd finds middle ground where the inescapable natural beauty of the islands and the archetypal abandoned settlement at Village Bay on Hirta are balanced by a healthy injection of contemporary reality through inclusion of photographs of the long running and still active military presence on the islands.
Village Bay from Ruabhal
Not to kill the romance completely, we are told before we reach the photographs that many of them were made using a camera previously owned by renowned landscape photographer Fay Godwin. The connection is clear enough to see through the photographs themselves: black and white, square…

Book (Pre)view: Dave Ferrie, All things Pass into the Night

All Things Pass into the Night is a line from Q Lazzarus’s one wonderful hit, Goodbye Horses. It is also the title of Dave Ferrie’s next photobook. The book tells of nine frenetic New York City days and nights of firing on all digital cylinders. Ten thousand exposures later, how does anybody make sense of it all?
Before leaving for the big apple, inspired by old school monochrome greats William Klein, Daido Moriyama and Ed Van Der Elsken, Dave had a loose idea that he would make a small book of black and white photographs revealing contemporary New York City as seen through his twenty eight year old South Lanarkshire eyes. Success was not guaranteed, adventure was. He left Scotland with a compact digital camera, an Airbnb booking and the promise of some big nights out with an old pal working a city bar just below the radar of Trump’s less than welcoming immigration policies.
In the city Dave encountered and photographed streets, people, high rise buildings, a Cameroonian man who bemoane…