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Exhibition review: James Pfaff, Alex & Me, Street Level Photoworks

James Pfaff, the Me in Alex & Me
There is a big splash of an exhibition at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow. It is a potent mix of photography, text, and painting that mines an archive consisting of nine rolls of 35mm film exposed twenty years ago and a prolific stream of journals that flowed from that time onwards. The show is Me’s reflection on his brief love affair with Alex back then and the road trip they shared from somewhere near Toronto south to New Orleans and north to New York City.
The first work in the exhibition is a journal page blown up to become a large floor standing tablet. In a loose hand written scrawl it announces the exhibition title Alex & Me and the artist himself, James Pfaff. James is the Me in Alex & Me. If you look carefully you will also see the verso trace of a third name, Francesca, Pfaff’s curator. The work in gallery one is black and white save for a neon sign mounted on a blood red wall. This intense red wraps around into gallery two where…